Tumbling Progression System

Our motto: perfection over progression!

At Spirit Athletics, we are committed to building mentally and physically strong athletes, which is why we have developed our Tumbling Progression system. A solid foundation is integral to sustainable skill development. We focus on body conditioning and flexibility training to prepare our athletes’ bodies to be able to perform these skills. We ensure that athletes have technically sound skills before moving up in difficulty. Take a look below to see a snapshot of our progression levels.

Tumbling Levels Overview

Each level contains core (mandatory) and secondary (strongly encouraged) skills. In order to progress to the next level, athletes must master all core skills in the prior level. Additionally, athletes may be welcomed to join a class above their current level. In this case, the athlete would continue to work on their prerequisites while also being conditioned for the new level of skills. Please note: athletes will be placed according to our discretion. This means that an athletes placement may not always line up with this chart.


Core Skills
  • cartwheel
  • front/back roll
  • handstand
  • bridge kick over
  • front limber

Level 1

Core Skills
  • round off (RO)
  • back walkover (BWO)
  • front walkover (FWO)
  • back limber
  • back extension

Level 2

Core Skills
  • back handspring (BHS)
  • front handspring (FHS)
  • FWO RO BHS series
  • cartwheel BHS

Level 3

Core Skills
  • BHS series
  • jump BHS
  • FWO RO BHS back tuck (BT)
  • front tuck (FT)
  • FHS FT

In addition to the above, our progression system encompasses four more levels of tumbling. At this time, the above levels are the most common in our program. Contact us for more information on additional tumbling levels.