All Star Cheer Teams work to build a routine that they showcase at events around the country!

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Cheer Teams at Spirit

The epitome of team work!

All Star Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing SPORTS in Canada. Yes, cheerleading is a sport (and a tough one at that) that is recognized by the International Olympics Committee. Even before this recognition, All Star cheerleading is known to be one of the most physically demanding and intense physical activities around.

At Spirit Athletics, we have three tiers of All Star Cheerleading teams. Each tier is designed to have an increase in commitment and skill level. Our All Star program is designed to gradually introduce athletes into the world of All Star cheer.

Tiers of All Star Cheer

Novice Teams

Novice Cheerleading teams are a great place for beginner athletes with little to no experience in the sport. These teams run on a shorter session than Prep or Elite teams, and perform a fun routine at an event.

Session Start: Fall & Winter
Length: 3-4 months
Commitment Level: Medium
Training: 1 per week
Events: 1 event
Price Range: $300-400

Prep Teams

Prep Cheerleading teams are great for beginners with some experience in cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, etc. These teams practice year round and compete at a handful of events in the Niagara Region and the GTA.

Session Start: Summer & Fall
Length: 9-12 months
Commitment Level: Medium-High
Training: 1 per week
Events: 2-4 events
Price Range: $100-150/month

Elite Teams

Elite Cheerleading teams are try out based and geared towards athletes with particular experience and skills. These teams travel throughout Ontario and Quebec and vie for an invitation to the Canadian Finals.

Session Start: Summer
Length: 11-12 months
Commitment Level: High
Training: 2 per week
Events: 4-6 events
Price Range: $175-225/month

Interested in learning more about our All Star program or giving it a try? Contact us for more information or to arrange your trial.