Fostering the communities of tomorrow!

Fostering the Communities of Tomorrow

At Spirit Athletics, we believe passionately in promoting personal growth and development!

We are committed to teaching our athletes the physical skills at Spirit Athletics. Above all are the intangible skills that are transferable in all areas of life. To put it this way, our vision is to inspire and provide opportunities for people to reach their full potential.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

Our Story

Our story begins in 2018. After more than a decade involved with cheerleading, our founder recognized their passion for the sport, fitness, and working with kids and young adults. For this reason, they wanted to extend this passion to their home community of Niagara. 

Spirit Athletics is designed to offer cheerleading, tumbling, ninja and other recreational activities to provide a fun and safe environment. Our coaches are current on industry trends and focus on developing athletic and character capabilities of athletes.

More importantly, we know and love the life lessons that organized fitness activities have on a child’s life. In other words, we love being a broker of life-long lessons for all of our members.

Our Community

Our cheerleading teams and recreational classes leave families feeling excited and wanting more. Here are some facts to back this:

Most importantly, we are proud to offer Cheerleading Camp and Ninja Camp in partnership with the YMCA of Niagara throughout the summer months. In addition, we have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara to offer our legendary instruction with their classes. These camps and classes provide the opportunity to try new activities without worrying about long commitments or spending the big bucks. 

As shown above, at Spirit Athletics we choose to partner only with organizations that align with our core values: integrity, inclusivity and sportsmanship. You can tell by these two partnerships alone how committed we are to our quality of service and community.


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